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Venus Quik Tankless water heaters is fitted with an unique advanced Heat Exchanger that ensures continuous hot water supply in the most innovative way. A heat Exchanger transfers heat from one source to another. Here, the heating element and the pipes are moulded together and embedded in an aluminium block. The water enters and circulates through the pipes and gets heated by the heating element by quick transfer of heat from the aluminium block to the water in the pipes. This technology gives instantaneous water or water on demand without direct contact between the element and water and so increases energy efficiency, lowers operating costs and ensures safety.

Key Features

tankless abs outer

ABS Plastic Outer Body :

Compact. Corrosion free. Shock proof.

tankless heat exchanger

Unique Heat Exchanger Technology :

The heating element and water pipe are molded together for quick transfer of heat from element to the water without contact. This ensures quick heating, long life and safety..



Product Name

Electric Instant water heater

Model Number

Rated Voltage


Minimum Water flow to activate the heater

Rated pressure


Thermal cut-off temperature

Rated current

Recommended wire size

Circuit Breaker

Outlet water connection

Product Size

Innter box

Net weight

Gross weight





0.02-0.6mpa(6 bar)

65 degrees

90 degrees



16 Amps

female push fit

210(W)X220(H)X100(D) mm

220(W)X230(H)X180(D) mm

1.73 kg

1.81 Kg

* Specifications subject to change without prior notice

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