Cream your Butter, Sugar and Eggs to prepare your cookies and cakes by BAKING.
GRILLING chicken, fish, paneer and mushrooms provides your family health by making.
Use the TOASTER for your favourite bruschetta, sandwhich toastie or garlic bread.
And the ROTISSERIE will help you make the best roast chicken for your special occassions to spread.


Everyday, make Tasty, Healthy and Variety of dishes in the Venus OTG for your family. The turbo convection oven with uniform distribution of heat will cook the food all around and evenly. The energy-efficient features minimize heat loss and allow the food to cook faster. The smart design and loaded features promotes healthy cooking and makes you a master.

Birthdays, family gatherings or hanging out with friends will always be special. As Venus OTG's will help you whip a cake, bake a pie and grill tikkas as very casual. Indulge in family time by teaching your children the art of baking. Oh! The joy on their faces to see the result is amazing.

power of sun

The whiff of freshly baked bread, the plate of chocolate chip cookies or a chicken tikka dish can offer plenty of delicious perks and make you calmer. And by adding a little creativity and creation in the kitchen, you can make those around you happier...