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Star rating is a system initiated by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) India to determine the energy efficiency of consumer durables. Based on their efficiency the product is rated on a scale of 1-5 and indicated by stars. Higher the number of stars, better is the energy efficiency.

In water heaters energy savings is determined by how much of the heat generated by the heating element stays in the water in the inner tank.
Venus range of water heaters have BEE 5 star rating as they use high density PUF insulation that retains the heat generated by the heating element in the water stored in the inner tank , thus it reduces energy consumption. The 5 star rated Venus water heaters are energy efficient and ensure lower electricity bills.

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Energy efficient water heaters are used not only during winter but people use such appliances throughout the year for many purposes. If you are looking for energy efficient water heaters then look no further than Venus Home Appliances because it is a leader in bringing Hot Water solutions to meet customer requirements. Venus are pioneers in introducing porcelain enamel glass lined tanks, ceramic element and digital water heaters.