Cost Saving in
Solar Water Heater vs Other Water Heater

Amount in Rs. Savings in Rs. Savings in %
Solar Water Heater
Electric Water Heater
Diesel Boiler


1.The Customers have to enter the following.

a. Capacity in Litres

b. Cold water temperature

c. Power cost per Kwh

d. Diesel cost per Litres

2. The Savings calculated for One year.

3. Assumed the Setting temperature as 55°C.

4.The COP of Heat Pump is considered as 4.

5.The calorific value for Diesel is considered as 10000Kcal per Litres.

6.The Calorific value for Wood is considered as 3000Kcal per Kg.

7.Assumed the Solar water heater is worked 30% of days in a year with backup heating element.

8. Note: The values are applicable subject to in specific test conditions only.