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Key Features

tankless heat exchanger

Heat Exchanger :

The heating element and water pipe are molded together for quick transfer of heat from element to the water without contact. This ensures quick heating, long life and safety..


Leakage Protection:

If the unit detects electricity leakage, the electricity will be cut off by the leakage protector.

tankless over heat

Over heat Protection:

Super safe as it prevents the heat exchanger from over heating (i.e. more than 90°C).

tankless fleximount

Flexi Mount:

It can be fixed inside loft or above false ceilings and can be fixed Vertically or Horizontally, according to the space available..

tankless micro

Microprocessor Control:

System adjusts heating power output to maintain the set temperature even when the water flow rate is altered..

tankless digital temp

Digital Temperature Display:

The set and actual temperature are prominently displayed..

tankless wide pressure

Wide Pressure Range:

Enjoy a better shower as it works both in low and high pressure conditions..


Flow based operation:

Avoids dry heating as it senses the water flow and switches ON the heating element and switches OFF when there is no water flow.

tankless high temp

6 Bars Pressure:

High Working pressure suitable for connection to pressure pumps

Fan 2 years warranty


2 years guarantee on product.


Model :

Wattage(W) :

Rated Voltage :

Wiring Size :

WRequired Rating of Circuit Breaker :

Rated pressure :

Safety class:

Temp.Setting range :

Rate of flow:

Temperature Rise @ :

Dimensions (mm):


5500 W

220-240 V, 50 Hz AC

3 x 2.5 mm2

32 amps

0.02 ˜ 0.6Mpa


30°C - 55°C

1.8 - 10 L/min

5 L/min



A x B x C 310 x 210 x 70


6800 W

220-240 V, 50 Hz AC

3 x 4 mm2

40 amps

0.02 ˜ 0.6Mpa


30°C - 55°C

1.8 - 10 L/min

5 L/min



A x B x C 310 x 210 x 70

* Specifications subject to change without prior notice

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