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Key Features

tankless 3 phase

3 Phase Model :

15kw & 24kw.


Leakage Protection:

If the unit detects electricity leakage, the electricity will be cut off by the leakage protector..

tankless over heat

Over heat Protection:

Super safe as it prevents the heat exchanger from over heating (i.e. more than 90°C).


Multi Point Usage:

Designed for high usage and supply to multiple points - shower, kitchen, bath etc.

tankless fleximount

Flexi Mount:

It can be fixed inside loft or above false ceilings and can be fixed Vertically or Horizontally, according to the space available..

tankless micro

Microprocessor Control::

System adjusts heating power output to maintain the set temperature even when the water flow rate is altered..

tankless digital temp

Digital Temperature Display:

The set and actual temperature are prominently displayed..

tankless wide pressure

Wide Pressure Range:

Enjoy a better shower as it works both in low and high pressure conditions..


Flow based operation:

Avoids dry heating as it senses the water flow and switches ON the heating element and switches OFF when there is no water flow.

tankless high temp

6 Bars Pressure:

High Working pressure suitable for connection to pressure pumps

tankless abs outer

ABS Plastic Outer Body :

Compact. Corrosion free. Shock proof.

tankless heat exchanger

Unique Heat Exchanger Technology :

The heating element and water pipe are molded together for quick transfer of heat from element to the water without contact. This ensures quick heating, long life and safety..


Model :

Wattage(W) :

Rated Voltage :

Wiring Size :

WRequired Rating of Circuit Breaker :

Rated pressure :

Safety class:

Temp.Setting range :

Rate of flow:

Temperature Rise @ :

Dimensions (mm):


12000 W

400 V, 50 / 60Hz 3Phase, AC

3 x 1.5 mm2

20 amps

0.02 ˜ 0.6Mpa


30°C - 60°C

1.8 - 12 L/min

7 L/min



A x B x C 310 x 210 x 70


15000 W

400 V, 50 / 60Hz 3Phase, AC

4 x 2.5 mm2/p>

25 amps

0.02 ˜ 0.6Mpa


30°C - 60°C

1.8 - 12 L/min

10 L/min



A x B x C 310 x 210 x 70


24000 W

400 V, 50 / 60Hz 3Phase, AC

4 x 6 mm2

40 amps

0.02 ˜ 0.6Mpa


30°C - 60°C

1.8 - 12 L/min

12 L/min



A x B x C 310 x 210 x 70

* Specifications subject to change without prior notice

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