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Venus Heat convector is designed to deliver superior performance with elegant looks with safe and convenient features to prevent overheating.
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Heat Convector

MRP: Rs.2,799

Online Price Rs.2,519

Inclusive of all taxes

Guarantee : 12 Months


Venus Heat convector is designed to deliver superior performance with elegant looks with safe and convenient features to prevent overheating. Instant heating to maintain the ideal room temperature to keep you warm. Learn More

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Oil Filled Radiators OFR-11/OFR-13

MRP: Rs. 12,300

Online Price Rs. 7,580

Inclusive of all taxes

Guarantee : 2 Years on Product


Works by heating the oil inside the radiator which then heats the surrounding air by process of convection. Provides safe & comfortable heating and doesn’t reduce the humidity as much as other type of heaters. Curved fins are used for faster and efficient heat transfer with 400W PTC heater fan for instant heating. OFR retains heat for longer duration. Learn More

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Quartz Heater

MRP: Rs.1,500

Online Price Rs.984

Inclusive of all taxes

Guarantee : 12 Months


This noiseless heater is designed to keep you warm with double heat settings and is easily portable.Quartz heaters work on the principle of radiation of heat. uses infrared rays to radiate the heat to surrounding area. The energy efficient heater has twin quartz tube for direct heating and a heating indicator along with a safety tip over switch to cut off power, Giving the best choice of use. Learn More

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The Venus Product portfolio includes a wide range of electric water heaters for residential and commercial purposes to suit various requirements, usage, capacity and living conditions. The electric geysers from Venus are of two types Instant water heaters and Storage water heaters.

There are many water heater brands in India but Venus water heaters is one of the leading water heater brands. Among the many water geyser brands in India Venus geysers ranks among the top brand in water heaters.

storage water heaters India one can depend on venus geysers for hot water when they need it, there is no better choice then venus home appliances and the fine array of products we sell, Filling out our contact form is the best way to learn more about the waters heaters India which you can trust with complete confidence. If there’s any way we can help, we’re here for you with the best possible experience and unmatched pricing. Please contact us now.

Electric geysers are one of the most important appliance for every home. Electric geysers are ideal to provide hot water in cold winters and provide hot water for a warm bath at the end of a long working day. There are various brands of geysers India. Venus geysers is the pioneer and a leading brand in India for more than 50 years. Venus water heaters or Electric geysers are available in a wide range to suit the customers needs. Water heaters India come in various capacities. The geysers India come with ABS plastic bodies and Porcelain enamel tanks, packed with all safety features. Geyser prices in India range from 3000Rs to 12000Rs depending upon the capacity and features. The popular models in Venus electric geysers are Lyra electric geysers, Splash electric geysers, Magma electric geysers. Venus water heaters is the best water heater brand in India. Venus geyser prices are reasonable and you can buy Venus geysers India at your budget in many retail outlets across the country. Venus water heaters India offer you the warmth to last a lifetime.


venus home appliances is the first water heater company in India to be awarded the prestigious ISI certification for its range of water heaters with vitreous enamel tanks...

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National award
Tamil Nadu Award
ISI certified
G Mark
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