Magnesium Anode

If you use a water heater with a tank, you should be aware of the fact that there is a component called a magnesium anode within that tank. You certainly don't think about it on a daily basis, if at all, but this anode plays a vital role in protecting the tank of the water heater.


What Is The Anode Rod, And What Does It Do?

Steel is a very useful material. But any material, no matter how sturdy, is eventually going to rust when it's combined with water over a long period of time. We understand this, so we have created lines of defense to help your water heater last longer.

Glass Coating: Inside your tank, there is a glass coating this lining prevents water from even coming into contact with the steel of the tank. But even this glass coating may have pores or imperfections that may expose the steel to water.When this occurs, the water within the tank then moves on to the steel that the water heater is composed of. This is when the second line of defense comes in....

Anode Rod

What Is The Anode Rod, And What Does It Do?

An anode is a rod that is fixed in your hot water storage tank. This rod is typically made of either aluminum, magnesium or Zinc. They are referred to as sacrificial anode rod.

The anode is more reactive to corrosive elements in the water than the tank itself is, so the water will essentially eat away at the rod before moving on to its main course: the tank. When you are diligent in replacing your anode as needed typically every few years, you may be able to double the lifespan of your tank.

Many factors, such as the water quality in your area will influence the lifespan of an anode, so it should be inspected regularly.

New Anode Rod,

Anodes protection is important to ensure tanks life.

Anode maintenance is needed to ensure product guarantee.

Regular water heater maintenance is a worthwhile investment. We strongly recommend that you should at least have your anode checked every few years after your Product Guarantee period of 2 years. If your anode is past a certain point of degradation, then our service technicians can replace it so that your water heater stays in good operational shape.If you don't invest in service for your water heater on a routine basis, The Company's liability under the guarantee will be limited only to defects which occur under conditions of proper installation, normal operation, and under proper use. It excludes defects occurring because of lack of anode maintenance.

NOTE: TERMS AND CONDITIONS in GUARANTEE CARD - Components subject to wear, such as Anode are not covered under Product Guarantee.