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Heat Pump Case Study


Cheran Palace is a Hotel located centrally at Coimbatore, opposite to the Railway Station. It’s a 35 year old Hotel, attracting regular customers like travelling businessmen and visiting family groups. This Hotel owned by Mr.Thirunavukkarasu, has around 60 rooms – Single, Double & Family Suites with a total capacity of 120 persons.

They have a Diesel fired Boiler to heat water and supply the rooms in the morning and evening. About 20 litres of Diesel is consumed in a day and an operator keeps a close watch on the Diesel Boiler to ensure smooth operation. The daily expenses to heat water is Rs. 800 (Rs.40 x 20 litres of diesel for morning & evening)

The management of Cheran Palace was looking for an alternate method to heat water in a cost-effective, maintenance-free method. The owner of this Hotel came to know of Venus Heat Pumps through the company’s website –

Venus technical team made a thorough analysis of the existing system at Cheran Palace and made a technical proposal for Venus Heat Pumps. Based on this scheme, a 500 litres Heat Pump System was installed at Cheran Palace in October 2011, catering to 20 of their rooms.

This Heat Pump reduced the consumption of Diesel (for 20 rooms) and there was no human intervention due to the automated micro-controller system. The management of Cheran Palace was happy with the performance of this Heat Pump and decided to extend the scheme to all their rooms.

In December 2011, the second Heat Pump with a capacity of 1000 litres was installed successfully, catering to the heating requirements of the remaining 40 rooms. Now, their Diesel expenses are ‘nil’ and the electricity expenses are Rs.140 a day. They have achieved 70% savings on their daily expenses of hot water supply. Venus Heat Pump operates on a Generator Set even during a power failure and practically, no human control is required due to automated operation of Heat Pump.

Venus Heat Pump System is ably assisted by a 1 HP Circulation pump, which re-circulates the cold water in the line into the heating system. This results in immediate hot water availability, on opening of the tap and eliminates wastage of cold water by the customers. Venus Heat Pumps have resulted in reduced daily expenses and improved customer satisfaction for Cheran Lodge.

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