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Solar Water Heater - Solar Flat Plate

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Solar Flat Plate

Venus solar water heaters are sensible water heaters that don’t use electricity when it is hot and sunny outside. It harnesses the power of the sun and uses it to the maximum to give you warm water when you need it. Get one today and you will realize that it’s the best solar water heater available.

Guarantee : For 100SFENPR - 5 Years
For 200SFENPR - 5 Years

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Porcelain Enamel Glass Lined Tank:

Manufactured in a modern, automated plant using European Technology. Protects the tank from rust and corrosion.

Pressure pump compatible 5 bar pressure rating

MS Powder coated:

Long life corrosion proof Pre coated outer cladding

Extra thick 5cm PUF insulation for minimum heat loss

Spray painted MS stand - sturdy and rust resistant

Backup electric heating element
for cold rainy days (optional)

Flat plate collector with copper fins coated in black for maximum absorption of solar radiation and effective heat transfer


Description 100SFENPR 200SFENPR
Capacity 100 LPD 200 LPD
FP Collector 1 No 2 Nos
Safety Devices (optional) Thermostat Thermostat
Pipe Connection 3 / 4” 3 / 4”
Rated Working Pressure 5 bar (5 kg/cm2) 5 bar (5 kg/cm2)
Daily Usage 4 persons 8 persons
Maximum No .of Outlets 2 nos 4 nos
Guarantee* 5 Years 5 Years

Dimension (In mm)

Model A B C D E F
100Ltrs 1730 2300 2030 560 1030 840
200Ltrs 1820 2300 2030 560 2060 1450

Higher Capacity models are also available (500 LPD, 1000 LPD etc.)

Non Pressure VTC models are also availabe.

*Refer "Terms & Conditions" in User Manual.


For 100SFENPR - 5 Years

For 200SFENPR - 5 Years

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