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Unique Features

The enamel coating is fired at 850°C to fuse and bond with the inner tank, protects the tank from rust and corrosion.

30 mm Extra thick (PUF) insulation keeps the water hot for a much longer time and reduces energy consumption.

Sacrificial Magnesium anode: A Special device to enhance the corrosion protection of the tank by means of "Cathodic Action.

"High Grade Elements: Ceramic Elements in vertical models and incoloy elements in horizontal models. These elements give longer life and reliable performance - even in hard water areas.

"Scale Guard Technology : In Ceramic heating element heat is transferred over a much larger surface area, which reduces the stress on heating element, lowers watts density/ and ensures less scale deposition on heating element..

Glass Lined Elements : Reduces scale formation. Prevents premature element failure.

8 Bars : Highest pressure rating of 8 bars for use in multistorey buildings or with pressure pumps.


venus home appliances is the first water heater company in India to be awarded the prestigious ISI certification for its range of water heaters with vitreous enamel tanks...

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National award
Tamil Nadu Award
ISI certified
G Mark
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