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Solar Water Heater - Solar & Heat Pump Combo

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Solar & Heat Pump Combo

Venus combo Solar and Heat Pump are ideal in places like Hotels, Villas, Hostel, Hospitals etc where hot water is needed in large volumes. Solar water heaters may not provide hot water during rainy and cloudy days. To overcome this problem the ideal solution is to connect a Heat Pump water heater to a solar water heater. This combination system ensures an uninterrupted flow of hot water and in the most energy efficient manner. Solar energy is used to heat the water and the Heat pump provides hot water round the clock and throughout the year, irrespective of weather conditions

Warranty : 1 Year

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Free Installation

T & C Apply

Free installation is available in Select cities all over India. Transport charges are applicable beyond city limits. To check availability in your area contact us on: [08144666999]

Cancellation Policy

During the covid 19 pandemic situation, your delivery may take longer than the stipulated time given. This is due to government guidelines given or any other protocols which may come into force.

However we will do our best to deliver the product within the expected delivery date.


    A ) The low operating cost of the combination system of the solar water heater and heat pump water heater will help in saving energy as much as 60-80%, in the most environment friendly way and ensure lower bills and hot water every single day.
    B ) Hot water in any weather condition.
    C ) Energy saving, as most of the heating done by Solar W/H.
    D ) Heat Pump can be fitted with existing Solar water heater.
    E ) Accelerated depreciation upto 80% available.
    F ) Models are available from 200 litres upto 3000 litres and can be scaled up to meet Customer requirements.
    G ) Hot water recirculation with an automated circulation pump which ensures hot water is available in seconds when the tap is opened (optional).
    H ) Pressurized models with 5 bars pressure rating are also available.


Superior corrosion resistant Epoxy coated Inner tank

Long life corrosion proof Pre coated outer cladding

Vacuum Tube Technology with triple layer coating for maximum absorption of solar radiation (Non pressure type)


Powder coated MS stand - sturdy and rust resistant

Flat plate collector with 100% copper fins coated in black for maximum absorption of solar radiation and effective heat transfer (Pressure type)

Pressure pump compatible with 5 bar pressure rating (for FPC Models)

Extra thick 5cm PUF insulation for minimum heat loss (Upto 1500 lpd)


Nitrile-rubber is an advanced technology insulation. Prevents heat loss & ensures higher energy efficiency (2000 LPD and above)


Solar model Pressure Rating Heat Pump model
HA300 PR VDHX3i / VDHX5i
HA1000 PR VDHX8i / VCHX10i
HA1500 PR VCHX10i
HA2000 PR VCHX10i / VCH20i
HA2500 PR VCH20i
HA3000 PR VCH20i
MY500D/MY500 NPR VDHX3i / VDHX5i
MY1000 NPR VDHX8i / VCHX10i
MY1500 NPR VCHX10i
MY2000 NPR VCHX10i / VCH20i
MY2500 NPR VCH20i
MY3000 NPR VCH20i
PR - Max. 5 bar pressure
NPR - Gravity


1 Year

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