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Solar Water Heater - Mercury Commercial

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Mercury Commercial

Venus Commercial solar water heaters are available with capacity of 500 litres and above. These are ideal to be installed in Hotels, Hospitals, Hostels and any Establishment which has a large requirement of hot water.

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Energy savings from tapping into the renewable solar energy for your hot water requirements.

Accelerated depreciation upto 80% available.

Models are available from 500 litres up to 3000 litres and can be scaled up to meet Customer requirements.

Hot water recirculation with an automated circulation pump which ensures hot water is available in seconds when the tap is opened (optional).

Pressurized models with 5 bars pressure rating are also available.


Epoxy coated Inner tank:

Superior corrosion resistant Epoxy coated Inner tank.

Extra thick 5cm PUF insulation for minimum heat loss, (Upto 1500 LPD)

Flat plate collector with 100% copper fins coated in black for maximum absorption of solar radiation and effective heat transfer

Backup electric heating element
for cold rainy days (optional)

Powder coated MS stand - sturdy and rust resistant

Pressure pump compatible with 5 bar pressure rating

Powder coated Outer body:

Long life corrosion proof Pre coated outer cladding


Product Area(In mm)

Model 500 LPD 1000 LPD 1500 LPD 2000 LPD 2500 LPD 3000 LPD
Non-PR (VTC)
north-south x east-west
7'x15' 11'x30' 22'x30' 30'x33' 36'x30' 40'x30'

Product Specifications

Description 500LPD 1000LPD 1500LPD 2000LPD 2500LPD 3000LPD
Capacity 500 per day 1000 per day 1500 per day 2000 per day 2500 per day 3000 per day
PUF Insulation Thickness Stand 40 80 120 160 200 240
Safety Devices (optional) Thermostat
Pipe Connection Tank main inlet & Outlet - 1 1/2'" & Solar Circulation lines are 1"
PUF Insulation Thickness) 50 mm Injected PUF 25 mm Nitrile Rubber
Stand Angle 35° - 38°
Daily Usage(persons) 20 40 60 80 100 120
Maximum No .of Outlets 8 14 21 28 35 42
Foot Print Area 10 m2 31 m2 61 m2 92 m2 101 m2 112 m2

*Refer "Terms & Conditions" in User Manual.

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