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Venus is the only Company in India to be awarded the ISI certification for its Porcelain Enamel storage tanks. The following tests are done in our Storage Enamel Tank as per IS:13273.

Resistance to Citric Acid

This test will ensure the quality of the enamel as it is resistant to acidic reactions.

Resistance to Thermal Shock

The quality of the enamel coating is ensured.

Impact Resistance Test

This test ensures the proper bonding of the enamel coating and no instantaneous chipping will happen if subjected to an impact force while handling.

Thickness of Enamel coating

The thickness of the enamel is between 0.2mm and 0.4mm to protect the tank from corrosion.

Hydrostatic Test

The enamel coated tank is tested at a pressure which is twice the rated pressure. This ensures that the tank withstands high water pressure.

Solubility Test

The tank will prevent corrosion as this test ensures the quality of the enamel coating.

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